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Do you suffer from lingering, recurring or ongoing post concussion symptoms? Is this interfering with your life? Do you feel STUCK while trying to find or even while getting therapy?  What if I told you I CAN HELP. And you won't need to travel anywhere. You see as an Occupational Therapist, Yoga Instructor and concussion survivor myself, I have spent the last couple of years developing a program combining knowledge and experience with REAL TOOLS to overcome and diminish post concussion symptoms. Experience the power of mindset, breath, grounding, movement and more. THE GROUNDWORK for recovery. This program is Yoga, lifestyle and education based in an online format with plently of coaching and support. If you suffer from persistant concussion symptoms that are interfering with your life, and you are ready to be coached and to do the work, then this 12 week program might be for you. Get back in control of your own health and back out there in your world of activity. Book a call now for more information! Also to get to know me, join my Facebook Group on Post Concussion Recovery. Click Here:

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What Clients are Saying

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Tracy, client

"Shelley, in just 3 weeks in your program everybody is noticing changes in me. I'm sleeping better. I feel more limber. I feel safe in my body. I feel more positive about my life, more normal and empowered. This is exactly what I needed!"
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