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Areas of Expertise

Brain Injury

My clinical background as an occupational therapist is in neurology. I  have worked with clients with aquired brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, dementia and other neurodevelopmental disorders. I am currently focussed on concussion rehabilitation. I keep my  knowledge up to date, including coursework in reflex integration, sensory integration and belong to a post concussion group  of professionals called"Concussion Nerds", with mentor Natasha Wilch, PT. 

I also sustained several concussions in recent years. This is part of what is driving me to help others suffering the symptoms that can take over your life if not adressed properly. My view from the inside of concussion makes a world of difference in how I treat clients and design my programs.


Having studied at Semperviva in Vancouver BC and Modern Yoga Method from Toronto Ont, my coursework is up to date and certified. I teach vinyas style classes focused on breathwork, free movement and awareness of mind and body. By combining my neuro/anatomy knowlege and  OT skills with my Yoga practice I believe that magic is born. I absolutely love specializing my classes to a particular injury, population, or client. 

Occupational Therapy 

My clients know that my motto is "yes you can" Occupational Therapists help you  find a way for you to achieve your goal in work, play or leisure. We believe in treatment as a holistic client centred process. OT's specialize in creating strategies, adaptations and therapuetic activities to create a just right challenge. I use creativity, nature, movement, humour, fun and self empowerment as tools of my practice. 

My Approach
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