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Why do I need an OT?

An Occupational Therapist views the client and their world through a very unique lens. We want to help you find and achieve meaningful, purposeful activity in your life. We can adapt any activity to make it accessible for you and/or tweak it to make it therapuetic for you (ie incorporate health/rehabiliation goals). That is where we shine.

We are trained in kinesiology, psychosocial impact of disability, activity analysis, neurobiology and more. Therefore our assessment and treatment skills go above and beyond a typical health coach or instructor.

Perhaps it's bird watching for neck range of motion, blowing bubbles for breathwork, rocking in yoga to calm an overactive nervous system or cycling for sustained cardio for brain rehab.

Our integrated approach helps you mesh all of your therapy goals together into daily activities such as recreation, exercise or household tasks.

As a holistic OT I look at the whole person, in their own life, not a body part in a clinic. And in my group programs, I provide education, activities and real tools to help you live an active meaningful life. I want to provide you with an empowering, sustainable plan to overcome impairment and get the most out of life.

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