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Goodbye Anxiety: Hello Yoga

Recently, I've been researching anxiety. There is sooo much out there. I've always known that "talking it out" never worked for me, and that Yoga and exercise did, but when I heard a simple explanation from Dr Russell Kennedy MD on a recent podcast, I smiled. That is it exactly. Us yogi's have had it right all along.

First let's start by calling Anxiety what it really is, An ALARM that goes off in your body. It's a physiological response. It's a feeling before it's even a thought. Your alarm is set off by a trigger, related to something from your past such as PTSD or childhood trauma. (We can talk about your individual triggers later.)

So when this alarm goes off in your body, we could start talking to ourselves,( let's call this a neck up approach), HOWEVER, this doesn't usually work. Why? Because more thoughts don't help! Because the solution isn't in our minds, it's in our bodies.

SO...Let's talk about the neck down approach to healing anxiety. When the alarm goes off, take the time to notice what's going on in your body. Listen to the alarm. Find it in your body, lay your hands there, and diffuse it with compassion. Maybe it's your belly, neck or jaw? Next, find a place in your body that you feel safe, a place free from injury or tension and focus your attention there.

Does this sound a bit like what we do in YOGA? Yes. Because it is.

To learn more, and experience this incredible approach to healing anxiety, consider working with me. And If your alarms are related to concussion, my post concussion recovery program might be just the thing for you.I look forward to hearing from you. OT SHELLEY

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